Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo of Lowell Amos aka Ed Amos

Here is a photo of inmate Ed Amos


  1. Unfortunately, I knew Ed Amos personally.
    We worked together at the Anderson, Indiana G.M. Plant.
    During that time, I can honestly say that everyone who knew Ed, believed him capable of murder.
    He was extremely narcissistic, and prone to bragging, which may have accounted for the fact that few of us believing his stories.?
    Everyone who knew Saundra liked her, but sadly, she was taken in by this con man, as was so many other women.
    I recall a safety meeting I attended where I sat next to Ed, and he started 'hitting' on me...
    However, Ed was definitely not my 'type' nothing came of it, and he quickly moved on to try and 'captivate' another gullible female..
    Sadly, the world is full of 'needy' ladies and men like Ed have a continual supply available to them...(sigh).
    In the end, he paid the penalty, and Justice was served.

    1. Saundra was a relative of mine. We visited Anderson Indiana back in 1976 I think. I was only around 16 yrs old at the at the time. I do remember how nice she was, she took us shopping and swimming but the thing that stuck in my mind even after all these years is how she was with her children, they were her heart...she was a wonderful mother.
      I have nothing to say about the one who took her away.